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Please join Connec Chairman Kim Manley for an investor briefing.

In the session, Kim will discuss:

  • How Connec’s safer and more economical systems can disrupt the potential $4.4 billion global market
  • The significance of Anglo American and how it can accelerate the commercialisation of Connec’s technology
  • Details of this opportunity and how it will assist with Connec’s plan to attract potential strategic partners

This is a live and interactive online session, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Spots are limited, so secure yours today.

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Featured Speaker

Speaker featured

Kim Manley

Executive Chairman, Connec Limited

Kim Manley, Chairman with 25 years of International business experience, Kim has demonstrated a consistent track record of delivering commercial results. Kim transitioned from corporate to entrepreneur in 2006, creating Atlantis Resources, which was listed in the UK in 2013. Kim joined Connec in June 2011 as Executive Chairman. Kim was the former director and CMO of Allied Domecq Spirits and Wine for five years till 2005. Prior to that, he was the former president and CEO of the Pierre Smirnoff Company from 1997-2000. He has held board positions with Allied Domecq, Atlantis Resources, Suntory Allied, Jinro Ballantines, NZWS, Sift & Moore and Bundaberg Rum.

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