Australian Food And Farming: Key Advantage Lamb Fund

Australian Food and Farming is an Australian cropping and sheep meat producer that owns and operates agricultural assets in Western Australia. The aim of the Key Advantage Lamb Fund  is to produce year-round, quality branded sheep meat for international and domestic consumers while maintaining a reliable cropping operation. Australian Food and Farming aims to become one of the largest and lowest cost producers of branded sheep in Australia, and are currently on their way with over 16,444 hectares freehold across australia, circa 10,000 dorper sheep owned and a cash flow positive business.


  • Target capital return of 15% p.a.
  • Experienced farm management team, supported by Entrepreneurs and Investment Bankers (all of whom have invested circa $15M AUD)
  • Low correlation with stock markets and many other investments. Wheat and Lamb prices have risen significantly in the last month as demand for high quality food increases
  • Exit strategy of selling a majority stake to a pension fund or potentially IPO’ing in 2023

LIve Investor Briefing

Please join Reach Markets MD, Patrick Nelson and AFF Director David Anderson as they get together for a special Live Investor Briefing to discuss this exciting investment opportunity.

  • Current Market conditions which have caused markets to crash, whilst lamb prices are at five year highs.
  • The company’s vision to become Australia’s largest and lowest-cost producer of sheep meat;
  • Why now is a good time to enter an investment sheltered from Stock Market volatility. 

This session will be live and interactive and only requires an internet connection to join. Please book your spot using the form provided. 

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