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Propell Convertible Note

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Get exposure to a well-led, company proven through its strong growth within a $423 billion addressable market with no direct competition. They are targeting positive cash flow and EBITDA by the end of CY23.


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Tapping into the underserviced small business market

Propell targets Australia’s 2.4 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who are frustrated with the banks’ slow, difficult lending processes and paperwork. 38% of SMEs have indicated they are actively looking for new solutions in a market comprising $423 billion in SME loans. Since launching its SME lending platform and listing in FY21, the company has delivered impressive growth, exceeding even its own KPI forecasts.

Propell’s tech advantage allows it to scale and deliver its suite of lending products to a large and growing customer base. The company’s management believes they are able to achieve cash flow breakeven and profitability by the end of calendar year 2023, while remaining focused on becoming the go-to finance solution for Australia’s small businesses.

Investment Highlights

  • Exposure to a Convertible Note with PHL
  • Maturity 29 March 2025
  • 10% interest – 5% paid quarterly in arrears and 5% capitalised to Maturity
  • Accrue interest from the date your application funds clear.
  • Conversion price at a discount of 20% to 30-day VWAP, with a share price cap of $0.07 and floor of $0.03, calculated upon conversion (last traded price $0.045 as at COB 22/02/23).
  • 7 options issued upfront for each $1 investment, strike price $0.08, expiring on 30th September 2024
  • The issuer can elect to early-redeem notes at any time, on the condition that any unpaid interest to the 29 August 2023 will be paid, with a 10% notional penalty. The Note Holder will be given the opportunity to elect to convert in any such instance.
  • Reach Markets Pty Ltd and Reach Corporate Pty Ltd are the sellers of the units in this Off Market transaction. Reach is also engaged as a Corporate Adviser for PHL on an ongoing basis.

Company Presentation

As Australia’s first and only SME-focused all-in-one finance platform, Propell’s 100% digital approach makes it highly scalable and allows for easy integration with other financial services. With a first-mover advantage, no immediate competitors, a scalable business model and partnerships with industry leaders, Propell is focused on becoming the go-to finance solution for small businesses – a single place where SMEs can live their entire financial life in a simple, convenient and 100% digital way, free from the constraints of old-fashioned banks – with the goal of reaching 100,000 clients in five years.

Watch the latest investor briefing recording here and read the investor presentation here

Latest Investor Briefing

39 mins | 9th February, 2023

Investor Presentation Deck

12 pages | February, 2023

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