Live Investor Briefing: Bond Fund

Live Investor Briefing - Bond Fund

Join us for an upcoming Live Investor Briefing regarding a high yield Convertible Bond Fund. The fund offers stable investment returns providing investors in Class A Shares a priority fixed dividend.

The details of this investment will be outlined by David Anderson, MD and Funds Manager at First Guardian Capital, with key features including:

  • There is $20M being raised under the fund, which is secured against $26M placed into the fund;
  • Investment return is 6.0% annual yield, paid monthly at 50 basis points;
  • 14% IRR per annum on principal investment secured over 2 years and paid on exit.

It’s an online session that is live and interactive, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Joining only requires an internet connection, so register now to book your spot and we will contact you with details around the logistics of the session.


*Wholesale 708 Sophisticated Investors are individuals or entities who generally qualify under Section 708(8) of the Corporations Act based on the gross income and/or net assets test verified by a qualified accountant.

·         A gross income of $250,000 or more per annum in each of the previous two financial years; or

·         Net assets of at least $2.5 million; and

·         A verified Qualified Accountant’s certificate given no more than two (2) years ago confirming the Sophisticated Investor status. Please refer to the Corporations Act.

Attend the session

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*Reach Markets are the advisors assisting on with the management of these offers and may receive fees depending on whether an offer is taken up by investors.