Reach Markets launches Trading 360 summit for 2021

February 24, 2021

Reach Markets launches Trading 360 summit for 2021

Record numbers of Australians tried their hand at trading in 2020, hoping to turn their coronavirus lockdowns into a productive – and profitable – endeavour.

Record numbers of Australians tried their hand at trading in 2020, hoping to turn their coronavirus lockdowns into a productive – and profitable – endeavour.

More than 4,000 Australians were opening trading accounts each day as the pandemic hit its feverish peak between February 24 and April 3 2020 with would-be traders – both new and old – flocking to online broking platforms.

The ASX Options Trading Game saw a similar influx, with the number of players growing 595% between February and October.

The game gives new traders a chance to practice their skills and learn more about trading, while seasoned veterans are afforded the opportunity to test their ideas and theories in a risk-free environment. If you would like to play the Options Game register here to get started.

To further support traders in 2021, Reach Markets will again be running its Trading 360 summit, running each Wednesday for five weeks, kicking off on March 3.  

The event will run in conjunction with the latest round of the Options Game.

The summit gives traders the opportunity to hear from leading industry insiders as they share their insights on markets, trading strategies, options pricing, and more.

Each session is led by Patrick Nelson, CEO of Reach Markets, and Ivan Tchourilov, CEO of OpenMarkets and Managing Director of TradeFloor.

Last year they were joined by:

  • Equity Markets’ founder Nathan Germaine 
  • Gleneagle Securities head of proprietary trading Greg Tolpigin 
  • ASX senior manager, equity derivatives Graham O’Brien
  • Susquehanna International Group business development manager Robert Risk
  • OpenMarkets retail sales manager Kieran Neeson
  • Reach Markets senior platform adviser Tim Gilderdale


Book in for free and join us for the first session of  the Trading 360 Summit on Wednesday, 3rd March where you’ll gain access to great insights, strategies and tools from some of  the best and brightest on the trading floor.




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