Trade Of The Week: Long Straddle on ANZ

March 31, 2021

Trade Of The Week: Long Straddle on ANZ

ANZ currently has an IV of 19, the lowest since March 2020. The stock has also been trading at a major resistance level at $28.60.

ANZ currently has an IV of 19, the lowest since March 2020. The stock has also been trading at a major resistance level at $28.60.

The stock tested this level in May, June and October 2019 and failed to consolidate convincingly above this level. Now the stock is trading at this level again we should expect a large move in one direction or the other shortly after hitting it.

Source: Implied Volatility


The next major resistance level will be around $29.40, followed by $30.30. The next major support level will be around $28.00, followed by the range around $26.90 and the 50 Day MA ($26.60).

We will enter into this position when ANZ hits $28.60 again.


Enter position:

Buy ANZ $28.50 20 May 2021 Calls
Buy ANZ $28.50 20 May 2021 Puts

Source: Implied Volatility


Exiting the position:

For this trade we will be hoping for a quick move towards the first support or resistance level, then a break towards the next support/resistance level. When it hits the second support/resistance level, close the position.

Theta will be expensive with 2 long legs, so if this price move does not occur in the next week, you can close the position at a potential loss, in order to prevent further theta decay.

Alternatively, you can close part of the position –  sell your profitable leg and hold your unprofitable leg in the hope the market moves in the opposite direction. If you choose this method, you must consider whether you would pay to enter into the remaining position from scratch or not. If you wouldn’t, just close the position to reclaim some premium.

On a side note, if we see a quick uptick in volatility for ANZ, the value of these options will also increase ceteris paribus. A quick jump in implied volatility to between 25 to 30% may be worth considering as an exit signal.

Source: Implied Volatility


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