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The Best Options Trading Technology in Australia - Reach Markets Trading Platform

The Reach Markets Trading Platform allows you to trade Option spreads online with brokerage of only $24.95 a leg.

This revolutionary trading platform is the best Options trading technology in Australia, and features award-winning charting, backtesting and an unmatched ease-of-use for traders.

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If you have any questions, please call (03) 8080 5795 for assistance.

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Our platform has been powering the ASX Options Trading Game since 2015. Now you can trade with the very same platform.

Trade option combos straight through the screen

Get the best possible fill without needing to speak to anyone – just build your trading strategy and execute up to 4 option legs as a single trade (TMC) straight through our platform.

Options Backtesting

Introducing Australia’s first Options Backtesting platform, with hourly data going back to 2015. Test and optimise your strategies and tick time forward to see how your trades would have performed, including exchange fees and brokerage.

Award-winning Charting

Let’s face it, what is a great platform without award-winning charting? We have teamed up with the leading charting package provider in the world and turned it into an option trader’s dream.

Stock Screener

Want to find trading opportunities? Our platform offers a unique stock screener, which helps you identify better trading opportunities by filtering assets by Price, Volatility Rank and other fundamental data.

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Australia’s cheapest brokerage just got cheaper. Just $24.95 to trade options!


Build and trade combinations (TMCs) straight into the market with our intelligent combo builder.


Use the platform the professionals use – the most advanced options trading platform in Australia.


Access our powerful market-maker price guides (estimated trading range) to get the best fill, every time.

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