Trading Webcast: Options Basics

Webcast 1: Options Basics

Understand how Options work, how they give you an edge and why traders love them

To truly give yourself an edge, join one of our multi-skill level webcasts to gain an insight on everything from basic to advanced options. Learn to pick direction, employ data driven strategies and limit your risk as you grow and learn to trade options like a professional.

Join the first in a series of webcasts to learn

  • How to use technical analysis like a professional trader;
  • How to take emotions out of the equation with rule based systems;
  • How to employ Option spreads so you can trade knowing exactly what your maximum profit and loss will be.

All you need to join is sign up in the form with your details. Secure your spot now to begin your journey towards becoming a better trader.

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

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