Registry Direct Investor Briefing – 18 June

June 18, 2021

Registry Direct Investor Briefing – 18 June

Registry Direct (ASX: RD1) Webcast Replay

Founder & CEO Steuart Roe and Independent Director Scott Beeton discuss how the company’s technology works, how it is disrupting the market and why they are experiencing huge growth.

Recorded on 18 June 2021 at 11am (AEST).

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Steuart Roe

Founder & CEO - Registry Direct (ASX: RD1)

Steuart is an experienced business professional with 28 years in financial services and information technology. He is the (self proclaimed) father of exchange traded funds in Australia having issued the first on the ASX (2001), invented the concept of branding a unit in a trust a share (IndexShares), issued the first active exchange traded fund on the ASX (2005) and originated the concept of self market making (2006).Steuart has also issued many other first to market financial products on the ASX. Over Steuart’s career, he has been a proprietary trader, a hedge fund manager, a fund manager and the CEO of two ASX listed companies.

Scott Beeton

Independent Director - Registry Direct (ASX: RD1)

Scott joined Registry Direct in June 2021 as an Independent Director, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit and strong financial oversight, management and administration acumen to this leadership role. Scott holds over 20 year’s management experience in the finance sector, most recently as CEO of TZ Limited and CEO/Founder of Sequoia Financial Group. Previously, he held various positions within financial and funds management businesses including Colonial First State, Challenger and Centrepoint Alliance/Professional Investment Services. Scott holds a number of qualifications including a Bachelor of Business and other industry-related qualification.

Patrick Nelson

Managing Director - Reach Markets

Patrick has over 20 years Financial Markets experience. In 2005 Patrick founded and managed a successful stock broking, corporate finance, funds management and trading education business until departing in June 2018 to start Reach. Patrick founded Reach with the goal of creating a simple way for companies and investors to REACH each other. Using technology to reduce a company’s cost associated with attracting & engaging with investors and raising capital; while helping to improve the quality of investors’ decisions and their access to opportunities.

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