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Brexit just the start of more problems to come in Europe

With the news that Theresa’s May’s exit deal has been rejected by the UK parliament today, the country and the Eurozone is plunged into further uncertainty.

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How superior gene selection and high reproductive rates enable AFF to produce premium lamb products

While Dorper sheep were first bred in South Africa in the 1940s, it is only recently that their superior characteristics have begun to be recognised internationally, and the agricultural industry has begun to take advantage.

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Regenerative Farming – A visit to AFF’s Tocumwal Property

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Australian Food & Farming’s Marabou property, a purpose built 1,539 hectares farm in New South Wales which is part of the company’s ambitious plans to become Australia’s premier lamb brand.

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This breed of livestock is capable of thriving in the toughest conditions – Could they help your portfolio do the same?

In times of instability and volatility, a little bit of steadiness is a welcome thing. While share markets are being eviscerated, it’s a good reminder that some things in life never go out of fashion.

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How to get an edge when picking direction

Investors and traders alike have long held strong views on what the best methods are for identifying opportunities. Technical analysts seek an edge by assuming past behaviours are likely to repeat themselves, while fundamental analysts are attempting the same but by identifying undervalued and or growing companies, believing they are more likely to appreciate over time.

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Where is Australia’s iconic lamb brand?

Australian lamb is synonymous with a respected, high quality product, that serves the global market. So why aren’t there any Australian lamb producers with any name recognition?

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Land is finite, so we need to use it more intelligently to combat food shortages

What is something that humans have always needed, and will always need? If you were to sit down and rank the things that are a necessity in life, food is always going to come towards the top end of your list.

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Offtake partners circling Madagascar for Graphite

As demand for lithium-ion batteries continues to grow, more manufacturer’s are seeking to secure long-term supplies in preparation for forecast supply shortages with graphite being a key ingredient within electric vehicle batteries.

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With institutional forecasts for gold bullish, investors may benefit for taking a road less travelled

A number of the world’s largest institutional investors are surveying the market, looking at depressed stock markets, weaker currencies, and political uncertainty, and are getting unsurprisingly bullish about gold.

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$3.66 million contract – the first of many planned for 2019

Sapex Group Limited on Friday announced the Company has been awarded a contract from SAKA Indonesia Langkah Limited, valued at $3.66m USD, for mat supply and services in Indonesia.

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A prospecting family, sitting on a literal goldmine, are calling in the professionals

What do you do if you’re a family that owns significant gold mineralisation, and you’re seeking commercial support to extract the full potential? Well, in the case of the Williams family, you  turn to the expertise of PVW Resources to join forces.

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IPO Watch: Why Twinning is Winning

While a desire for the return of the gold standard might be the realm of anti-establishment economists, internet conspiracy theorists, and Donald Trump (who arguably qualifies for both the aforementioned categories), choosing to hold gold as an asset is proving increasingly popular amongst some of the world’s most important central banks.

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