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Since 2018, we have led over 80 investments/capital raises focussed on fast growing globally significant businesses. We have over 186,000 and growing self-directed private & institutional investors seeking high quality deal flow.

Listed Companies

Unlisted Companies

Listed Companies


Our network of over 8,000 sophisticated and institutional investors are a reliable source of capital. We manage the whole process – from roadshow to settlement. Making sure that your messaging is sharp and resonates with investors is one of our main strengths.

Entitlement Offers and Share Purchase Plans (SPP)

We run highly structured SPP and entitlement offer campaigns targeting both shareholders and non-shareholders to boost liquidity and participation. This is where our multi-disciplinary team of Investor Relations (IR) executives, media specialists, analysts and sales advisors makes a real difference.

Corporate advice / investor relations

The best way to leverage our work across shareholder data management, investor communications and capital raises is an ongoing advisory mandate. Many of our clients have worked with us for years in a trusted partnership.

Unlisted Companies


We structure equity raises to suit your needs – whether you want to lengthen your register for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or prefer us to come in via a ‘single-line Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)’. We also help you stay connected with investors post investment to save you time and have you ready for the next raise.

Hybrid Capital (Convertible notes)

We have extensive experience in structuring and placing convertible notes. Hybrids are not only popular with sophisticated investors but also offer more flexibility to issuers including the potential to reduce dilution.

Secondaries (Off-market)

There are many scenarios where an early shareholder exit may make sense, but not many ways to achieve a sale. By sourcing buyers from our investor network, we assist companies with updating their register and enable founders to realise value.


We assist companies with the transition to being listed and the requirements that come with it. From the pre-IPO raise all the way to lengthening the register post IPO, updating contact details and supporting liquidity once you hit the boards.

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