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The last time this happened, prices jumped up to 2000%, and it may be happening again…

The last time China significantly cut its production of rare earth elements back in 2009, prices jumped up to 2000%. Just this week, rare earths research company Adamas Intelligence has reported that China is cutting production again.

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Get in, Get out, Leave nothing behind – Indonesian Government declare environment matters

The battle that you never knew was happening has been won; the Indonesian government has banned the use of illegally felled timber which was commonly used to fabricate wooden matting laid in lieu of bitumen roads which left significant environmental damage.

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The screen protector that can bring an end to wearing glasses

As the global population ages and gains greater access to medical facilities and diagnosis, the prevalence of presbyopia, or better known as farsightedness, is going to a standard condition among the majority. 

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The War on Waste is the most important we’ve faced

The War on Waste is fully upon us and in times of war, there have always been ways for companies to profit from the perishability of consumables. In traditional terms, defence contractors have built empires on proceeds from war where a desire to win, comes at all costs.

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Is Buffett buying the dip?

Global markets took steep dives last week with seven consecutive days of losses incurred on the S&P500 creating a proverbial bloodbath on the boards. But despite these market losses, investors would be wise to remember some of Warren Buffett’s truisms which explain how he has amassed the extensive wealth he has.

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$27 million investment highlights global confidence in Northern Minerals

Following the launch of their Pilot Plant in July, making Northern Minerals the only heavy rare earth producer in Australia, the Company has received an unsolicited offer to purchase 17.2% of the Company for $25 million.

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Shareholders confident as Redstone Resources raises $1.45m to drill prospects

Operating just 40km away from the world’s largest Nickel-Sulphide discovery since 1993, shareholders of Redstone Resources have jumped at the opportunity to drill their West Musgrave Project which has already identified sulphides often associated with major mineralisation discoveries.

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This company is distributing US military tech to the biggest industries in SE-Asia

When the US military encountered the problem of moving heavy vehicles and machinery through inhospitable environments, and even landing aircraft in remote locations, they developed a novel solution – mats.

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Why gold is proving the new standard for central banks

While a desire for the return of the gold standard might be the realm of anti-establishment economists, internet conspiracy theorists, and Donald Trump (who arguably qualifies for both the aforementioned categories), choosing to hold gold as an asset is proving increasingly popular amongst some of the world’s most important central banks.

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They label him “The God of Stocks”, here’s why

The year is 2010 and economists are in a frenzy about a hot-headed go-getter by the name of Elon Musk taking his company, Tesla, public.

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How these mats have generated $20 million since 2015

Despite Indonesia being blessed with an abundance of natural resources, there has been limited foreign investment into greenfield projects within the nation.

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Graphite prices on the rise as price pinch starting to be felt

The equation looks simple; the supply of graphite is tightening, while the demand is currently forecast to skyrocket.

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