Investor Update with Shane Menere

In this session Far East Gold’s CEO and Director Shane Menere discussed the key highlights:

  • Why the Board (including Nickel Industries MD Justin Werner) is optimistic about the findings so far
  • Why we just extended the Woyla drill program on the back of recent impressive assay results
  • Our current views on potential economic merit and plans for a maiden resource statement

Recorded on 22nd February 2024 at 12pm (AEDT).

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Featured Speaker

Shane Menere

CEO & DirectorFar East Gold (ASX: FEG)

Shane has a strong background in financial markets and investor relationships. He was the APAC President and director of one of the biggest global mining technology and equipment supply companies and has more than 25 years’ experience in marine infrastructure and resource projects globally. Shane has over 13 years’ experience in the mining industry throughout Asia Pacific working with some of the largest mine sites, primarily focused on the Indonesian and Australian mining and metals industry. He is an expert in leading major projects from exploration to operation and connecting the resources sector with international and domestic mining investment. Shane currently holds board positions on several other Australian gold mining and exploration companies.


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