Reach Markets Investment Gold vs SP 500

Best of Gold vs SP500

Gain unique leveraged exposure to the best performer of either the S&P500 or Gold through a structured investment that profits from bullish movements in either the S&P500 or Gold markets.

Investment Summary

Are you bullish on the S&P500 or precious metals like Gold? This investment allows you to gain exposure to both assets and is  structured to ensure you receive returns on the best performing asset on your initial exposure.

Investment Highlights

  • Long gold or long S&P500, this investment is designed to take the best performer at the end of the investment period;
  • A three-year investment that gives you exposure to two investments with low correlation;
  • Roughly 4.5x exposure of your initial investment;
  • For example, an investment of $11,975 gives you $50,000 exposure
  • Capped downside risk with uncapped upside potential on your exposure


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