Optimiser Series 1

Optimiser Series 1 US Share Market

An investment in The US share market as measured by the S&P 500 Index with a 13% volatility target.

Optimiser Investment Opportunity

In the GFC the first 32 percent of the fall took 47 weeks. This time it’s taken just four weeks. It’s been extraordinary watching things unfold with no evidence that the short term panic selling is over yet.

How far will we fall? Is this the start of a longer term trend?

Company valuations are starting to remind us that beyond this crisis there will be a huge opportunity for investors. Yes, there will be downgrades and other issues, but the market is already pricing that in.

This investment is designed to benefit from a market recovery. From the low of the GFC, the S&P 500 climbed 70.5% in a year, and was up 98% two years following the low.

Will history repeat itself and will the market rebound?This investment is designed to take advantage of the current pullback in the US market. Giving you the opportunity to confidently and patiently choose the best time over the next 6 months to take exposure.

Please view the investment overview, speak to an adviser or request the PDS. This investment closes on the 27th of March.

Investment Highlights

  • International Diversification into the S&P 500 for a two year term
  • Limited downside risk with uncapped upside potential on your exposure
  • Provides an optimized entry point S&P 500, designed to give lowest month end exposure.
  • After the recent market pullback investor can benefit from a lower starting level for their investment
  • An investment of $14,900 will provide you with $100,000 exposure in the S&P 500.



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