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A big data/AI company which has partnered up with the likes of NVIDIA, Dell and Hitachi to build the infrastructure needed for large corporations to become AI ready.


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Big data business building the central nervous system of Enterprise AI in partnership with global tech heavyweights.

CEOs across the globe know they must introduce AI into their businesses now to harness its promised productivity gains, but the problem is that their enterprise data is not ready for AI. This is because the magnitude of data is enormous, and it is scattered across numerous data silos in many different formats.

This is where Zetaris comes in. Attached to existing server hardware, their software acts as a co-pilot for an AI-tool, enabling it to access data at its source to answer a query as though the silos didn’t exist. Their solution enables corporations to get their data AI ready now, without the need for lengthy and expensive clean-up projects.

Leveraging partnerships with AI titan NVIDIA and hardware producers Dell, Hitachi and more, Zetaris is rapidly becoming recognised as an essential element of the enterprise AI infrastructure technology stack.

The company is poised to accelerate its commercial partnerships, and is backed by institutional investors including In-Q-Tel (the venture capital arm of the CIA), Exto Partners and Vulpes Ventures.

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Watch the Investor Q&A here , watch the Exto Q&A here , watch the shareholder briefing here or read the investor presentation here .

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Q&A with Vinay Samuel

Having just presented at NVIDIA’s Global Technology Conference, Vinay answers our questions about the traction with their partnership strategy.

Q&A with Exto Partners

Will Deane of Exto Partners (largest Zetaris Investor) shares his view on the company and the AI revolution.

Shareholder Briefing

CEO Vinay Samuel presents their technology, use cases, and their partnership strategy involving NVIDIA, Dell, Hitachi and others.

Company Presentation Deck

16 pages | April, 2024

Investment Highlights

  • Touching on a major investment theme – AI in the enterprise.
  • Zetaris allows businesses to make their data ready for AI now.
  • Their solution acts as a ‘co-pilot’ for an AI-bot to access the data at its source, thereby allowing for use of all data, as if there were no silos.
  • Removes the need for companies to centralise their data first, thereby making them AI-ready now.
  • Positioned to become a critical part of the Enterprise AI tech stack by partnering with world leading providers of AI infrastructure.
  • Signed agreements and/or working with NVIDIA, Dell, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft PureStorage and others plus executing on its wider pipeline now.
  • High-level terms (see term sheet for details):
    • Convertible note maturing on 31 March 2026
    • Automatic conversion upon Qualified Financing, Exit or otherwise Maturity
    • 20% discount
    • $300 million Valuation Cap
  • Raise size of $6 million, with $3 million allocated to Reach and the remainder to existing shareholders.

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