MDF Global Company Presentation

MDF Global Company Overview

Watch the investor briefing here , Watch the Q&A with Kris Butera here or watch the Q&A with Hedley Widdup here or watch Q&A with John Forwood here  here .

Watch the MDF Global Investor Briefing here , read the investor presentation here , watch the Q&A with John Main here or watch the Q&A With Joseph Webb here .

MDF Global Investor Briefing

Joe presents MDF's value proposition, describing how their proven model is identifying and securing tier-1 metals projects, as well as terms and use of funds of the capital raise.
45 mins | 27 June, 2024

Company Presentation Deck

27 pages | June, 2024

Q&A with John Main

John outlines MDF’s unique business model - developed from what he applied during his time as MD at Rio Tinto Americas - that he used to discover resources worth $100 billion in planned and actual production.
19 mins | 20 June, 2024

Q&A With Joseph Webb

Joe discusses the landmark Critical Minerals Alliance Agreement – “one of the largest land deals of its kind in history” and outlines how their model is discovering potential tier 1 copper projects.
21 mins | 20 June, 2024

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