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The Insider

Meet the Fund Manager

Romano Sala Tenna

Katana Asset Management

The Insider sessions are a great way to hear directly from leading fund managers. They share their approach to investing, favourite companies and their market view for the year ahead.**

Favourite Stocks

Find out how this award-winning financial lender, misinterpreted as a value stock, has grown its revenues and profits at a 21% CAGR over the past eight years.

6th May, 2022

Learn what makes this company one of Katana’s best-performing large caps, with its diversified energy portfolio across Australia and the Asia Pacific and industry-leading ESG.

6th May, 2022

Hear about this full-service bank that has provided healthy dividends in the past financial year and, according to Romana, has more to offer its investors.

6th May, 2022

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Romano discusses current and historical market trends, including volatility, returns and more, to highlight the lifecycle that markets go through and how it can benefit long-term investors.

6th May, 2022

Romano talks through Katana’s 11 key criteria that help the fund manager choose winning stocks, understand the businesses it invests in and decide how to gauge returns, liquidity and cash flow.

6th May, 2022

Romano shares his three favourite stocks, Katana’s GFC-defying, multi-style and diversified funding investment strategy and how businesses are prepared for a market downturn.

6th May, 2022


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Meet the Fund Manager

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Meet the Manager

Get access to some of Australia’s leading fund managers who share their 3 favourite stocks, investment approach and insights on the market.

Each session includes:

  • 3 favourite stock opportunities
  • Market views for the year ahead
  • Investment strategy and approaches

This is a live and interactive online session, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Joining only requires an internet connection. Spots are limited, so secure yours today.

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Past Sessions

Andrew Smith Perennial Partners

Andrew Smith, head of smaller companies and microcaps at Perennial Partners, co-manages the trust and has 18 years of financial experience spread across asset and value management and market research roles.

Tim Callan PURE Asset Management

Tim Callan, a portfolio manager at PURE Asset Management, has more than 11 years’ experience in portfolio management within the Australian and New Zealand equity markets as well as trading in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

Peter Johns Westferry Investment Group

Managing director Peter Johns’ previous private investment company – and carries on its investment philosophy that consistently outperformed the ASX 200 and ASX Small Ordinaries accumulation index from 2017 to 2020. Peter is a professional investor who has invested all his liquid assets in the Westferry fund with the aim of growing wealth through co-investing rather than through collecting fees.

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