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Meet the Fund Manager

Matt McNamara

Horizon3 Healthcare

The Insider sessions are a great way to hear directly from leading fund managers. They share their approach to investing, favourite companies and their market view for the year ahead.

Favourite Investment Ideas

Learn how this heart failure-focused healthcare company has developed an innovative and minimally invasive solution called the Carillion Mitral Contour System that reduces the risk of mitral regurgitation and preserves all future treatment options.

27th October, 2023

Hear how clinical-stage company, EBR Systems has developed the WiSE wireless CRT system which is the only leadless solution that can deliver cardiac resynchronisation therapy for heart-failure patients, with no direct competitors.

27th October, 2023

Biotechnology company, Avecho, has developed a vitamin E product which provides a novel solution for drug delivery, improving solubility, stability, oral bioavailability and dermal/transdermal delivery, aiming to target the US$17.8bn cannabis market in the U.S.

27th October, 2023

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Matt discusses the ‘Achilles heel’ approach that guides Horizon3 Healthcare’s investment strategy to choosing durable healthcare companies, focusing on novel health technologies with an exit strategy of 4 years.

27th October, 2023

Matt divulges his sector take on why healthcare technology investments leverage long-term tailwinds, including an ageing population, affluent countries seeking the best Western medicine and the demand for growth by acquisition.

27th October, 2023

Listen to Horizon3 Healthcare CIO, Matt McNamara, as he discusses his “Achilles heel” investment strategy which focuses on novel investments for the Horizon 3 Biotech Fund, his healthcare sector outlook which sees healthcare technology investments leveraging long-term tailwinds and his 3 favourite stocks right now.

27th October, 2023


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Meet the Fund Manager

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This exclusive event gives investors unprecedented access to Australia’s leading fund managers to hear about their favourite companies, unique market insights, and the opportunity to ask questions.

This is an opportunity to hear from Matt McNamara, CIO & Board Director at Horizon3 Healthcare.

Join Matt to learn about:

  • His three favourite stocks of the moment
  • Investment strategy and approach
  • Market outlook

This is a live and interactive online session, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Spots are limited, so secure yours today.

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Past Sessions

Andrew Brown East 72 Holdings Ltd

Andrew Brown, Fund manager and Executive Chair has over 40 years experience with equity markets and has worked for the prolific Rothschild family where his fascination with this thematic started.

Daniel Porter PURE Asset Management

Daniel Porter, Portfolio Manager has held analyst roles with global investment banks for over 15 years and covered the Engineering and Mining Services Sector for over ten years. His deep background and experience in the sector underpins PURE’s investment approach.

Luke Winchester Merewether Capital

Luke Winchester, Managing Director and CIO at Merewether Capital, is one of the largest investors in the Merewether Capital Inception Fund. With confidence returning as inflation moderates and economic indicators remain strong, Winchester believes the portfolio is well positioned entering FY24.

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