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US Dispersion Live Investor Briefing

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Tech stocks have been rallying like crazy and the entire S&P 500 has dragged along with it. We believe things are going to change dramatically, but how? We are going to explore this topic in a special live investor briefing hosted by Reach Markets’ MD Patrick Nelson.

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Event Topics:

How will the next stage play out? 

  • Scenario 1 – The S&P500 (essentially FAANG + Microsoft) continues dominating and shifting higher;
  • Scenario 2 – Stronger economic data causes funds to flow out of tech and come into the rest of the index;
  • Scenario 3 – We have a mass correction, and tech stocks fall faster than the rest of the index.

This is a live and interactive session, you simply need an internet connection to participate. Don’t miss out, spots are limited – This is a FREE event.

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