EBR Systems Inc (ASX: EBR) Webcast Replay

23rd August, 2023

EBR Systems Inc (ASX: EBR) is the world’s only provider of wireless, endocardial (inside the heart) pacing systems in a US$2.1 billion addressable market.

As a part of our ‘The Insiders: Meet the CEOs’ series, President & CEO John McCutcheon, provides valuable insights to the company, its key markets and industry, and future prospects.

Recorded on 23rd August 2023 at 12pm (AEST).

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John McCutcheon

President & CEO - EBR Systems Inc (ASX: EBR)

EBR Systems provides safe, cost-effective and reliable therapies using wireless cardiac stimulation. The company’s WiSE technology is the world’s only wireless, endocardial (inside the heart) pacing system in clinical use for stimulating the heart’s left ventricle (LV). The WiSE technology platform provides EBR with a potential addressable market of US$2.1 billion. The company’s technology is protected by over 97 issued patents globally and currently has no direct competitors. In November 2022, WiSE technology was featured at the 15th Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS) Scientific Session in Singapore, highlighting the technology’s position at the forefront of innovation in the cardiac rhythm management landscape. In June 2023, EBR Systems announced an AUD $35m capital raising, to ensure that EBR will be fully funded for its pathway to United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval,commercial launch and sales growth through to H22025.

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