MedAdvisor Limited (ASX: MDR) Webcast Replay

11th May, 2022

MedAdvisor Limited (ASX: MDR) is an Australian medtech with a solution that services 180 million patients in the US and 4000 pharmacies in Australia

As a part of our ‘The Insiders: Meet the CEOs’ series, CEO Robert Read, provides valuable insights to the company, its key markets and industry, and future prospects.

Recorded on 11th May 2022 at 12pm (AEST).

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Robert Read

CEO - MedAdvisor Limited (ASX: MDR)

MedAdvisor is aiming to develop and deliver the world’s most effective software for personal medication management, to help people make the best possible use of medication. The company’s support to 2100 pharmacies in delivering 3.75 million COVID-19 vaccinations has increased awareness of MedAdvisor’s capabilities. In November 2020, MedAdvisor acquired US-based Adheris Health, a company with around 80% of revenues and earnings sourced in the US. According to investment manager Martin Pretty, the Australian company holds a strong position in the US with revenue guidance of $72 million to $74 million in FY22.

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