PainChek Limited (ASX: PCK) Webcast Replay

6th July, 2022

PainChek Limited (ASX: PCK) is a global healthcare tech company with a dominant 60% market share in Australia and an accelerating presence in the UK and New Zealand.

As a part of our ‘The Insiders: Meet the CEOs’ series, CEO Philip Daffas, provides valuable insights to the company, its key markets and industry, and future prospects.

Recorded on 6th July 2022 at 12pm (AEST).

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Philip Daffas

CEO - PainChek Limited (ASX: PCK)

PainChek is an Australian healthcare tech company and developer of the world’s first smart device-based pain assessment and monitoring application for infants and adults. The company’s SaaS AI platform is contracted to 126,000 patient beds across 1500 facilities globally, claiming a dominant 60% market share in Australia. In the year to March 2022, PainChek has shown consistent growth in customer revenue, contracted beds and subscriptions – demonstrated by its $3.2 million in ARR. The company is positioned to capture a near $1.3 billion global market opportunity spanning ANZ, Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and Singapore, leading up to FY24.

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