SECOS Group Limited (ASX: SES) Webcast Replay

22nd June, 2022

SECOS Group Limited (ASX: SES) is a leading producer of sustainable packaging materials and one of the 100 best-performing ASX-listed stocks in FY20 and FY21.

As a part of our ‘The Insiders: Meet the CEOs’ series, Executive Chairman Richard Tegoni, provides valuable insights to the company, its key markets and industry, and future prospects.

Recorded on 22nd June 2022 at 12pm (AEST).

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Richard Tegoni

Executive Chairman - SECOS Group Limited (ASX: SES)

SECOS Group manufactures biodegradable and compostable plastic products, including resins and films used to create certain types of packaging as well as its own in-house plastic bags. The company’s MyEcoBag was the fastest-growing compostable bag range in Woolworths for 2020-21, comprising over 40% of the supermarket’s total compostable garbage bag sales. SECOS secured its maiden half-year profit in H1 FY21, achieving gross margins of 18.2% and a 129% increase in bioproduct sales against H1 FY20. The company holds a strong patent portfolio and the global trend toward sustainable packaging is fueling SECOS’s growth.

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