Vection Technologies Limited (ASX: VR1) Webcast Replay

2nd February, 2022

Vection Technologies Limited (ASX: VR1) is a virtual reality company set to grow within the nascent metaverse and amid digital transformation megatrends.

As a part of our ‘The Insiders: Meet the CEOs’ series, Director & COO Gianmarco Orgnoni provides valuable insights to the company, its key markets and industry, and future prospects.

Recorded on 2nd February 2022 at 12pm (AEDT).

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Gianmarco Orgnoni

Director & COO - Vection Technologies Limited (ASX: VR1)

Vection is a multinational software company that has created solutions for and with tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft. Its combination of 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, industrial IoT and CAD solutions has helped the company establish a strong position in the US, Europe and Middle East. Vection recorded 172% in cash revenue growth in late October 2021, is fully funded and currently the only ASX-listed company that offers exposure to recently rebranded Meta. The company has a plethora of multinational clients, including luxury brands such as Maserati, Fendi, Bentley, Heritage and Bugatti.

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