Wellnex Life Investor Briefing

Wellnex Life

Live Investor Briefing

Wednesday, 6th October 11am (AEDT)

Please join Wellnex Life’s Chief Executive Officer George Karafotias for an investor briefing.

In this session, George will discuss:

  • How Wellnex Life is delivering on it’s first or fast-to-market strategy to service the growing $5.6 billion Australian health and wellness market
  • Its plans to further accelerate revenue growth, which increased from $6.7 million to $18.3 million in three years, and is forecast to exceed $21 million revenue in FY22
  • An update on company goals and steps for the next expansion phase for Wellnex Life

This is a live and interactive online session, and participants are encouraged to ask questions. Joining only requires an internet connection. Spots are limited, so secure yours today.

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Patrick Nelson

Managing Director – Reach Markets

Patrick has over 20 years Financial Markets experience. In 2005 Patrick founded and managed a successful stock broking, corporate finance, funds management and trading education business until departing in June 2018 to start Reach. Patrick founded Reach with the goal of creating a simple way for companies and investors to REACH each other. Using technology to reduce a company’s cost associated with attracting & engaging with investors and raising capital; while helping to improve the quality of investors’ decisions and their access to opportunities.

Speaker featured

George Karafotias

Chief Executive Officer

George is a specialist in restructuring, reinventing and implementing turnaround strategies for various ASX-listed companies with great success. His extensive experience includes an established track record with publicly-traded businesses, predominantly in senior executive positions. He is also a non-executive Director of Perpetual Resources Limited (ASX:PEC), and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Adelaide.