Wellnex Life Convertible Note

Wellnex Life Convertible Note

Wholesale Only*

Invest with exposure into a fast-growing Australian brand and distribution company of customer-focused health and wellness products that is well-positioned to capitalise on the growing multi-billion dollar health and wellness sector.


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Health and wellness business poised for growth

Wellnex Life’s large portfolio, first-to-market strategy and established retail distribution network provide an attractive business model for growth and profitability. The company has a strong balance sheet and an entrepreneurial management team to take full advantage of the opportunities in the global multi-billion-dollar health & wellness sector. Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives and Wellnex has been riding this trend and plans to further accelerate revenue, which increased from $6.7 million to $18.3 million in three years, and is forecast to exceed $21 million revenue in FY22.


  • Exposure to a secured Convertible Note
  • 13 month Note Term
  • 9% interest per annum, paid quarterly in arrears
  • Conversion Price at $0.20
  • The right to elect to convert or redeem prior to Maturity
  • One listed Option at a $0.20 strike for every two shares converted

August 5th, 2021

Company Presentation

Watch this 31 minute video to gain valuable insights into Wellnex Life’s journey so far and their future growth plans. The video features a company overview by George Karafotias, CEO. George discusses:

  • How Wellnex is growing into the massive $5.6b health and wellness market
  • How they have successfully grown revenue from $6.7 million to $18.3 million in 3 years and their plans to accelerate this growth
  • Update on company goals and steps for this next expansion phase for Wellnex

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