US Technology Optimiser Series 1

US Technology Optimiser Series 1

An investment designed to offer investors the ability to gain uncapped exposure to the performance of the US technology sector over a 2-year term with a 13% volatility target

Optimiser Investment Opportunity

We are introducing a new investment designed to give you exposure to the US tech sector. It has a mechanism that allows a patiently timed entry.

If the market goes for a run now you won’t miss out on current lows, however, if we see another significant sell off over the next six months there is the opportunity to choose the lowest monthly close price as our entry value.

With high levels of uncertainty in the market and deciding when to get back in proving difficult this investment allows you to take a cautious entry without having maximum risk on the table.

As an example, an initial investment of $7,950 would provide $50,000 exposure. The $7,950 is your maximum risk and the $50,000 gives you an uncapped earning potential.

Please view the investment overview, speak to an adviser or request the PDS. This investment closes on the 1st of May.

Investment Highlights

  • A total investment of $7,950 will provide you with $50,000 exposure.
  • Exposure to the US Technology Sector for a two year term.
  • Limited downside risk with uncapped upside potential.
  • Receive an optimized entry point into the US Technology sector – buying at the lowest end of month close over the next 6 months.
  • After the recent market pullback, investors can benefit from a lower starting level for their investment but also get a lower strategy value if the market falls further.


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