US Equity Hedge Investment

US Equity Hedge Investment

Providing a short term hedge against a fall in the S&P 500

US Equity Hedge Investment Opportunity

All eyes are on the US market as it rallies and is on the brink of reaching the all-time high set in February. The market has followed a nice V-shaped recovery after the COVID sell-off where the market fell at a violent pace, taking just 16 days to reach the same lows that the GFC slides towards over 140 days. 

All this has led to a rapid rise in levels of uncertainty in the market. Specifically, regarding the global pandemic, factors such as the global pandemic, fiscal stimulus, trade wars, the upcoming US election, and growing unemployment levels have caused many to ask the question of themselves – are we going to see another market correction?

Hedging is a well-known tactic to protect against uncertainty. The more risk you are exposed to, the more important it is to hedge. This investment is structured to provide a short term hedge against the fall in the S&P500.

Investment Highlights

  • A short hedge against the S&P 500;
  • Four-month investment term;
  • Roughly 13x exposure of your initial investment;
  • For example, an investment of $6,600 gives you $100,000 exposure;
  • Capped downside risk.

Investor Briefing

US Equity Hedge


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