Optima Nutricosmetics set for Harrods debut months after launch

Optima Nutricosmetics is an Australian nutricosmetics company that offers daily collagen-based supplements that promote skin and gut health.

Optima Nutricosmetics is an Australian nutricosmetics company that offers daily collagen-based supplements that promote skin and gut health.

Optima is one of a few brands in the nutricosmetics space that includes all natural, food-based ingredients as the basis for a complete, scientifically-backed elixir that approaches healthy skin holistically. Optima’s formulation:

  • Maintains a healthy gut microbiome
  • Supports the skin’s own collagen production
  • Protects the skin against aging due to free radical damage, pollution and stress
  • Optimises nutrition


The natural and organic beauty industry is worth an estimated $36 billion. It’s expected to reach $54 billion by 2027. Skincare is the number one category in this industry, accounting for $10.3 billion of the market share. The nutricosmetics space has seen particularly significant growth in the past 7 years as consumer demand is driven by effective, natural anti aging products that work from the inside out.

Since launching in October 2019, Optima’s sales have exceeded expectations thanks to its market size and consumer demand for skincare that benefits health and the environment.

The brand has secured interest from major department stores across the world and continues to gain traction. For a boutique company that launched less than a year ago, hitting the shelves of the world’s most famous department store will be an extraordinary milestone. It’s one that indicates exceptional growth potential in an industry teeming with mergers and acquisitions. The company has seen significant growth during the pandemic as such they anticipate even stronger growth on the other side of it.

We will soon have access to an exclusive 708 wholesale offer in Optima and will be running a special live investor briefing to hear directly from Optima Nutricosmetics founders Karissa Mather & Cate Lilja – Book your spot.


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