The screen protector that can bring an end to wearing glasses

As the global population ages and gains greater access to medical facilities and diagnosis, the prevalence of presbyopia, or better known as farsightedness, is going to a standard condition among the majority. 

As the global population ages and gains greater access to medical facilities and diagnosis, the prevalence of presbyopia, or better known as farsightedness, is going to a standard condition among the majority. 

One company preparing for this, and receiving sizable Government research support is Nanoveu which is set to solve the problem, by identifying a correlation between rising presbyopia diagnostics, and access to smartphone technology. 

The company has already secured significant support from the Singaporean government, having won the Technology Innovation category from the Institution of Engineers Singapore Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards back at the project’s inception, and being selected by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore as one of the 8 tech companies to take part in South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, one of the world’s largest interactive technology festivals.

The company has received an approval in principal to finalize a grant in conjunction with the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore for an amount up to SGD967,200 grant from the National Research Foundation of Singapore, along with contribution in kind from Nanyang Technological University for SGD200,00 – for its latest development project – vision correction technology, which Nanoveu are calling EyeFyx.

EyeFyx is potentially a revolutionary product, with seemingly unlimited applications for people suffering from presbyopia.

It’s not just a solution to a small problem, either. According to a worldwide study published in the medical journal Community Eye Health, 62% of people suffer from some degree of farsightedness. This is even more significant when you consider the fact the probability of individuals developing presbyopia increases with age. 

How often have you, or someone you’ve spent time with, needed to locate a pair of reading glasses in order to look at a message or an email that’s just arrived in their inbox? EyeFyx will offer a simple, permanent answer to this in the form of a simple screen protector. 

The screen protector, to be manufactured using nano imprint lithography in the same way Nanoveu currently produces a screen protector for their 3D product, combined with the Nanoveu’s software will enable users to view their smartphone and tablet without the need for reading glasses. 

By just toggling the software on and off, with their screen protector applied, no longer will sufferers of presbyopia need to carry reading glasses with them.

And the kicker? As eyesight deteriorates with age, the software enables changes to resolution settings to match the user’s vision changes, removing the need to buy new glasses. 

Whilst the development of EyeFyx is deeply underway, the company anticipates commercialisation of the technology around mid-2020 and is in the process of listing publicly on the ASX. 

Register here to receive the Prospectus and get in on the ground floor as Nanoveu prepare to rollout EyeFyx which will potentially be a major disruptor to the optical industry. 

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