Why is ‘Last Mile Service’ so important for regional businesses today?

It would be difficult to remember a time in history when the emphasis on the importance of a singular service was highlighted vastly and so rapidly that good internet connection in the last month.

It would be difficult to remember a time in history when the emphasis on the importance of a singular service was highlighted vastly and so rapidly that good internet connection in the last month. Entire businesses, in fact, the entire worldwide economy has shifted dramatically to an online model of working, whereby internet speed and ability to communicate remotely is now essential to the continual functioning of society itself as a whole. It is perhaps never more important to consider the importance then, of Last Mile Service. Last Mile Service is the final stretch of the internet connection before it reaches the end consumer. This is often where internet connectivity issues arise. 

The internet consists of internet cables connecting continents with one another, whose data is stored in data centres. Last Mile Service is what local internet providers offer, to bring the internet (and its data) all the way into the home or office. 

Even if the overall internet infrastructure is good, insufficient Last Mile Service can cause the connectivity to suffer.

Good Last Mile Service is essential for businesses such as mining companies and hospitals. These types of businesses tend to be very sensitive to any disruptions in their internet connection. They can’t tolerate any latency, that is, delay, in their connectivity as their services rely on super accurate and fast feedback. Imagine a hospital needing to send and receive data from a thousand surveillance cameras, or from life-saving equipment used by patients – the room for latency is very small. 

Unfortunately, latency is common for regional businesses because they are located remotely, far away from internet infrastructure and the data centres that store their data. The further away a business is from the closest data centre, the bigger the latency gets. To provide the ideal Last Mile Service, you would need to set up a data centre in close proximity to the end user to shorten the distance the data has to travel, thus decreasing latency. 

Latency is also an issue for users in remote areas in general. That is, for people living far away from any of the major cities. You may have noticed that you lose internet speed on your phone when you move away from the city, even though you have 5G and plenty of bandwidth. That’s because you’re far away from your closest data centre!

DXN Limited is an Australian company leading the charge to provide Last Mile Service by building local data centres. These local data centres are built close to those who need them to bring latency down, quickly and affordably, so that regional businesses can get access to the incredibly fast connectivity they need.  

Their innovative modular design is key to making this happen. DXN Limited builds their prefabricated data centre modules at their manufacturing facility in Perth from where they are deployed to site.

Traditional data centres need to be built on location which is expensive and time consuming. Imagine flying a team out to a remote location to build an entire data centre and the costs associated with that! It takes three to four times as long as DXN’s modular design.

DXN’s nimble approach means a business, or a remote town, can fit a data centre in any location – a parking lot, a warehouse or a basement all in a very short amount of time. Even if they are hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation. 

In just three decades the internet has become an essential component of running a business, and with DXN Limited’s modular design, it’s possible to meet businesses’ demands for quicker connectivity and lower latency. 

To read more about DXN Limited’s innovative approach and how they’re currently tapping into this demand in the market, please visit their investor centre.


Reach Markets have been engaged by DXN Limited to assist with private investor management.


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