Wattle Health Investor Briefing – 4 May

May 18, 2021

Wattle Health Investor Briefing – 4 May

Wattle Health (ASX: WHA) Webcast Replay

Reach Markets MD Patrick Nelson, Director David Sellars and Executive Director Julius Cohen provide a general business update on Wattle Health, and discuss its BSA acquisition and proposed transition to Wellnex Life.  

Recorded on 4 May 2021 at 1pm (AEST).

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Patrick Nelson

Managing Director - Reach Markets

Patrick has over 20 years Financial Markets experience. In 2005 Patrick founded and managed a successful stock broking, corporate finance, funds management and trading education business until departing in June 2018 to start Reach.

Patrick founded Reach with the goal of creating a simple way for companies and investors to REACH each other. Using technology to reduce a company’s cost associated with attracting & engaging with investors and raising capital; while helping to improve the quality of investors’ decisions and their access to opportunities.

David Sellars

Director - Reach Markets

David has been an integral part of Reach from its inception and plays an active part in improving levels of communications between companies, shareholders and potential shareholders.

David has a passion for investments and cultivated a client base via prospective and serviced potential clients. He provides a broad range of investment banking services to corporations, financial institutions, investment funds and private individuals across Australia, Asia, America.

Julius Cohen

Executive Director - Reach Markets

Julius has worked in finance and banking for the last 9 years gaining experience throughout Asia, having been based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney.

Predominantly focused on capital raising and advisory work for companies across the capital stack within Asia, Julius also has a strong network in the US, most recently involved in facilitating a substantial investment by MWIG LLC in F45 training Holdings inc.

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