A commodity supercycle is imminent – what does this mean for investors?

The past few weeks have seen commodity prices head north at a rate of knots, spurring new talk of a fast-approaching ‘supercycle’.

The past few weeks have seen commodity prices head north at a rate of knots, spurring new talk of a fast-approaching ‘supercycle’.

Underpinned by a green energy ‘revolution’ and large-scale infrastructure spending, analysts claim, commodities will continue to see demand gather pace in a structural shift which could see prices climbing for the next decade.

Even fossil fuels are expected to have their time in the sun as capital expenditure within the sector continues to drop away without a corresponding fall in demand.

With the stage now set, investors are weighing up the evidence to assess how they believe commodities will perform in the years ahead.

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Supercycle potential in shifting commodities demand story

The rapid increase in copper prices has gripped global headlines over the past several weeks as investors watch to see how high surging demand for the red metal can push its price.

The price broke past USD 10,000 in early May on its way to USD 10,724.5 on 10 May – highs not seen in roughly a decade – and has remained in the five-figure range since.

It’s not the only commodity to rally in 2021 with aluminium, nickel, zinc, all making gains in the past month alone, while analysts increasingly point to recent moves as signals of a possible ‘supercycle’ in commodities markets.

Only four such supercycles have played out the past century, each driven by a structural shift in the demand for commodities – such as post-WWII reconstruction efforts or the rapid urbanisation of China in the 2000s.

In each of these instances, demand for commodities grew so quickly that suppliers could not keep pace and prices rallied for around a decade and often longer.

Start your (green) engines

The rally in these metals comes as policymakers the world over are beginning to transition their economies to green energy technologies – which require large volumes of ‘transition’ metals like copper, aluminium, zinc, and nickel.

This transition – as well as large-scale infrastructure spending programs implemented as a means of monetary stimulus in the wake of the pandemic – is tipped to underscore demand for key commodities.

In the US alone, President Joe Biden has pledged a “once-in-a-generation investment” – valued in the trillions – into green energy technologies and new infrastructure.

The UK, European Union, and China have also signalled plans to decarbonise their energy grids as they seek to curb carbon emissions.

And with more than 100 nations already committing to become carbon neutral by 2030, the International Energy Agency forecasts the size of the market for critical minerals like copper, cobalt, manganese and various rare earth metals will increase sevenfold in the next nine years.

Further fuel for fossils

The next few years are also forecast to see fossil fuel prices – particularly oil – enjoy similar gains as falling capital expenditure and reduced production capacity push the market into supply shock.

The International Energy Forum cautioned in December that currently low levels of capital expenditure within the sector, paired with low investment appetites, pose a genuine threat to markets.

Tightening within the market is tipped to push the price of of oil up to USD 60 per barrel next year, with some estimates even suggesting it could go as high as USD 70 or even USD 75.

A similar story is expected in natural gas, where production is expected to hold flat despite rising demand – dragging spot prices up with it.

Capitalising on commodities

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