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CEOs and advisers must get ready for new ways of working. Businesses are starting to understand that as social distancing restrictions begin to ease in the coming months, we’ll not be going “back to normal” anytime soon, if ever.

CEOs and advisers must get ready for new ways of working. Businesses are starting to understand that as social distancing restrictions begin to ease in the coming months, we’ll not be going “back to normal” anytime soon, if ever. 

For CEOs of listed companies and their corporate advisers the old “ways of working”, particularly in search of new capital, typically involved extensive local and international travel, investor lunches, institutional roadshows, fund manager meetings, conferences and exhibitions, and many hotels, taxis and airports. 

The process was costly, time consuming, energy sapping and often very distracting for CEOs of fast growth companies with serious ambitions and targets. But it was expected and accepted as part of the job. 

COVID-19 has changed all this and in response Reach Markets has launched Reach Corporate, an end-to-end investor management and engagement platform which operates in a seamless, integrated and virtual world.

Many companies struggle with access to investors, as well as with generating liquidity and creating awareness. With Reach Corporate companies can communicate more effectively with investors.

Investors also often don’t have access to a flow of quality deals and often struggle with finding the time and the support to do their due diligence properly. As there is no standard format for investors to consume deals, there’s not one place they can turn to for an overview of which deals are on the market at any given time. It is the same problem for both investors and companies – a lack of effective communication pathways. 

Reach Corporate provides a solution designed to help bridge this gap in communication. We do this in two ways. Firstly, we give investors access to deals and assist them with their due diligence. Secondly, we help companies educate new investors, raise money, improve liquidity and communicate with shareholders.

Reach Corporate’s three key services are:

  1. Investor Relations which will include strategy, ASX releases, corporate presentations and media relations.
  2. Virtual Investor Communication and Engagement, such as Investor briefings (webcasts, videos), EGMs / AGMs (ASIC guidelines and full proxy voting) and Institutional Roadshows in Australia and Asia.
  3. Capital Raising including ASX Placements, Share Purchase Plans (SPPs), Rights Issue and Entitlement Offer, and Early stage, Pre-IPO and IPO raisings.

Reach Corporate works with a team of experienced investor relations professionals and communicators to create and implement an effective and proactive plan for engaging shareholders and attracting new investors.

By aligning business and investor communications, we build trust, create liquidity and enhance access to capital. Reach Corporate creates and leverages company content across multiple distribution channels ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness. This benefits both investors and companies as it improves communication pathways and helps both sides achieve their goals. 

If you’d like to know more about Reach Corporate, feel free to give one of our advisers a call on 1300 805 795, or click here to request a call back.


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