SDI and the $2 billion smile

Australians have put on hold their dental care and related cosmetic treatments after a year spent staring at themselves on a screen – and one local business is set to benefit.

Australians have put on hold their dental care and related cosmetic treatments after a year spent staring at themselves on a screen – and one local business is set to benefit.

Melbourne-based dental supplies manufacturer SDI Limited (ASX: SDI) continues to invest in research and development in aesthetic products, such as tooth whitening and fillings.

“Nearly 80% of our sales are in our key categories of aesthetics and tooth whitening,” SDI CEO Samantha Cheetham told guests of Reach Markets’ The Insider: Meet the CEO webcast on Friday.

“They have been our strongest growth and highest margin categories over a long period.” 

SDI sells its products in over 100 countries, working with a large network of distributors as well as its own sales teams.

“Over 60% of our sales are in the US and Europe. These are the markets we spend most of our efforts in terms of the sales and marketing,” said Ms Cheetham.

“To drive profit, we focus on the high margin products and operational efficiencies.”

“The research and development team is focused on new aesthetic materials, specifically tooth- coloured fillings and tooth whitening. Importantly, these categories are in markets with significant barriers to entry,” explained Ms Cheetham. 

This year, SDI is set to release five new products to the market.

“We are a small player in a $2 billion global industry, competing against many large companies. Our success in growing market share is underpinned by the development and release of new and innovative products,” said Ms Cheetham. 

“We’ve demonstrated strong growth over the last five years, with a track record of rewarding shareholders.”

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