LPG leads the way in holistic tourism development

Tourism is a $7.6 trillion industry and it’s growing every year. For tourism destinations to be sustainable for locals and desirable for visitors in the long-term, it’s essential that property development projects take a holistic approach that involves the local community.

Tourism is a $7.6 trillion industry and it’s growing every year. For tourism destinations to be sustainable for locals and desirable for visitors in the long-term, it’s essential that property development projects take a holistic approach that involves the local community. 

Lombok Property Group’s eco resort project is a prime example of well-managed tourism development. It’s set to create positive economic and social outcomes for the entire local population surrounding Southern Lombok’s Kuta Beach tourism zone. 

As well as jobs within the resort complex, LPG’s presence enables the creation of a wider economic hub that’s set to offer ongoing employment and educational opportunities to support the local community’s long-term self-sustainability. 

While Lombok Property Group exclusively contracts local tradespeople and artisans to construct the eco resort, it goes further than this.

LPG’s eco resort is within the $3 billion Mandalika tourism zone. This zone creates a holistic, self-sustaining economic hub that provides wider employment to the entire community. Apart from employment within the hotels and resorts, locals can also find employment in the economic hub’s hospital, shopping mall, school, and sporting facilities. The community can contribute to the regional economy with a range of skills, leading to excellent self-sustainability. 

Where possible, LPG sources all of its building materials and consumables from Lombok’s local producers and farmers. This supplies small local businesses with a predictable and regular income. It also lessens the impact that food and resource miles have on the environment. 

Strengthening Lombok’s social fabric

A strong sense of community is just as important to a self-sustaining economy as employment and education are. LPG is committed to building strong communities around the Kuta Beach eco resort. 

By running community events that both locals and tourists participate in, LPG promotes authentic interactions between the two groups, while also strengthening the social and physical health of the local community. 

LPG is building a school for the local community. Future students will receive high-quality, culturally-appropriate instruction from Lombok educators. 

Thanks to the economic hub, the educated, young professionals that come out of this school will be able to stay with their communities rather than moving to large cities for employment. This ensures a self-sustaining, locally-run economy for decades to come. 

LPG recently held the SIWA Sprint, a fun run for locals and tourists. 600 participants from 200 families ran 5km and 10km tracks. At the end of the run, the participants celebrated together at a pool party held at the luxurious SIWA community centre. Treated to food, drinks, and a special visit from famous Indonesian actor, Mike Lewis, locals and tourists enjoyed an authentic experience. 

The SIWA Sprint was a great success that LPG is now going to hold outdoor community events on a quarterly basis. From kayaking to surfing, these community-building events will continue to foster a positive relationship between the Lombok community and its international visitors. 

Introducing Lombok to the world

After a 20 year hiatus, the Indonesian MotoGP is coming to Lombok in 2021. It will take place on the 200 000 capacity motorcycle venue within the Mandalika economic zone. 

The internationally-acclaimed MotoGP will draw huge crowds to Lombok. This event will bring Lombok into the world stage for the first time. While it will be a first-time visit to Lombok for most of the MotoGP visitors, the event is set to create a flow-on effect. 

The Chairman of the Indonesian Tourism Association’s NTB sector, Awanadhi Aswinabawa, said the MotoGP will be a catalyst for a much-needed economic boost for the province.  

What today’s tourists want

Travellers are increasingly aware of their impacts on local communities. As a result, sustainable tourism has a tremendous opportunity for growth. Eco tourism that supports the environment and communities is already a $300 billion industry. 

LPG’s sustainable approach, combined with more direct flights between Lombok and tourist export countries like Singapore and Australia, make the Kuta Beach property an appealing prospect to international investors. 70% of LPG’s SIWA Phase One villas are already sold.

Lombok is the new and untouched Bali. By investing in sustainable infrastructure that holistically supports the local community, the Indonesian island is set to have long-term viability and appeal as an eco tourism hot spot. 

*Reach Markets have been engaged by LPG to assist with private investor management. Lombok Property Group has recently launched a brand new website detailing development updates and more information for its unique SIWA Cliffs project. You can see more at https://www.siwacliffs.com/

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