TZ is unlocking its potential

TZL.ASX smart locking devices tackle the security expectations and logistics challenges of the modern world.

TZL.ASX smart locking devices tackle the security expectations and logistics challenges of the modern world.

How do TZ smart locks work?

TZ smart locks operate on shape memory alloy (SMA) technology.

TZ’s lightweight locks revolutionise the security of locking devices. They can sense, perform, report and regulate activities through the software contained within the lock.

Most importantly, TZ locks do not generate an electromagnetic field, which can distort sensory performance.

Established in Australia in 2011 and in the US in 2014, the company has invested over $65 million into product development. Over that time, they secured 180 patents in 27 fields.

R&D spend has been reduced, operating costs minimalised while TZ’s profit margin increased to 50% plus, the company is on the right path to profitability.

While many companies are moving into the IoT space now, TZ was an early innovator. This presents a competitive advantage. As tech startups are still developing their solutions, TZ has perfected its products and can now devote all of its energy into growth.

TZ’s revenue has been forecast to reach $20 million in FY20 and make an even profit in 2020. But this is just the beginning of their potential.

Parcel Locker Banks

TZ has developed secure smart lockers for parcels.

54% of millennials’ purchases are made online. This means a lot of parcels. Global postal services have to deal with a 87 billion parcels a year. It’s not about to stop, either. E-commerce has grown by 19% in 2019. It’s set to grow by another 18% in 2020.

Failed deliveries waste time and money. Post offices have limited storage for parcel pickups. Their restricted operating hours are inconvenient for many recipients.

With TZ technology, parcel recipients receive an automated notification that they have a parcel to pick up. They can then go to the designated secure locker and pick up their parcel when it suits them, even if it’s outside of business hours.

As a result of the benefits of smart parcel lockers, postal services such as Singapore Post and UPS are investing heavily in innovative solutions like the TZ offering.

The Education Sector

TZ leads the market in smart locking systems for mail centres in American universities.

Mail centres at universities need to be highly secure and efficient. Universities have the budget to invest in the best of the best so major US universities including Rutgers, Princeton, Virginia Tech, and Clemson have each invested in TZ solutions.

In the US alone, universities present a significant market potential for TZ.

With 9600 universities in the United States, let alone secondary schools, the opportunity is considerable.

The Corporate Sector

TZ is a key player in the global intelligent corporate locker market. Some of the biggest and most security-conscious companies in the world have already invested in TZ systems. Their clients include Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, UPS, Nike, IBM, Samsung, and Apple.

Data Centre Security

Breaches in personal data has become a major issue for global companies. TZ locks allow data centres full audit and control management. All details are recorded through the software in the lock – when opened; by whom; open for how long; what was performed. The software in the locks enhance security and that is why TZ’s server security product has been utilised by security conscience corporations and government departments- there is no bigger reference than NATO and the Pentagon, where TZ locks govern and regulate their data centres.

A compelling investment opportunity 

Right now, TZL.ASX is in an interesting place. It’s currently valued at $8 million.  20 million revenue forecast for 2020, cash-flow positive, growing annuity revenue and increased profit margins .

Reach Markets have been engaged by TZL to assist with private investor management. Reach Markets are also the advisors assisting on with the management of this offer and may receive fees depending on whether an offer is taken up by investors.

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