TALi’s evidence-based game offers early intervention for ADHD

Globally, 136 million children have severe attention difficulties which in many cases presents as a diagnosis of ADHD. In Australia alone, ADHD costs the economy $20 billion a year.

Globally, 136 million children have severe attention difficulties which in many cases presents as a diagnosis of ADHD. In Australia alone, ADHD costs the economy $20 billion a year.

Early childhood, when the brain is at its highest developmental period, is the best time to screen for attention disorders and deliver therapies that help children have better health and educational outcomes. 

TALi Digital (ASX: TD1) is a digital health platform that assesses children with attention difficulties and strengthens attention leading to improved cognitive performance.

While attention-related disorders are often treated with medications, many clinicians are now looking for non-drug based therapies to use in these early years. 

Digital cognitive assessment and training platforms are of particular interest. As a result, this field is projected to become an $8 billion market by 2021, a 32% increase since 2016.

Supported by 25 years of research and clinical trials, TALi is a patented medical device that has shown commercial viability through its early release to the Australian market. 


“We’ve started locally. There are about 1.9 million children in Australia who have attention issues. We’re really focused on collecting data in those early years so we can replicate that in other larger markets in 2021,” said Managing Director Glen Smith in his presentation for ‘The Insiders’.


TALi has regulatory clearances in the US, Europe and Australia.

Although the target is currently children aged 3 to 8 years old, TALi is looking to expand into wider age groups and cognitive issues.

“Our R&D program looks at the teenage and adult populations. ADHD, ASD and other cognitive and behavioural disorders are a very large issue globally so we’re focused on working towards phased trials in those populations,” said Managing Director Glenn Smith when he spoke at ‘The Insiders’.


“We’re also looking at novel populations including in the area of dementia and how disease progression may be varied through non-invasive digital therapies. So that’s going to build long term value in what we’re doing as an organisation,” he said.


Thanks to TALi Digital’s partnerships globally including with Google Education, the company expects to reach 1 million children by 2023.

Along with product evolution and government contracts, this partnership is expected to be the backbone of the TALi’s revenue growth and profitability.


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